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BoothBits - Photo Booth Manufacturer

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Photo Booth for Sale or Lease.


About Us

Industry Experts

The best place to find Photo Booth for Sales.

When you buy a photo booth from us, you’re investing in equipment from a manufacturer, who is not only a market leader in the profitable event hire business, but one of the very first photo booth operators in the UK.

For this reason we’ve ‘Got the T-shirt’ and ‘We’ve walked the walk’! We’re more than happy to share this knowledge with our buyers. Real world support for real world operations.

Therefore you can be confident we understand both the industry, market and software.

For Photo Booth Hire please visit our sister site BoothPix.



Photo Booth for Sale & Lease

Looking to buy a photo booth? Or maybe considering a fixed term lease or static photo booth?

Need a permanent install photo booth within bars, nightclubs, hotels, holiday venues, retail outlets etc?

The BoothBits team can create an infinite variety of styles, using different technologies, all taking great photos.

Which can include social media, quizzes, surveys and other engagement activities to help you encourage use, gain branded marketing exposure and secure customer data.

So if your looking for a lease fixed install, make sure you give us a call or drop us a line to see how we can help.


Ticket to Success

Exclusive Products

As a designer and fabricator of both Photo Booths and Accessories, many of our products are unique. We build from scratch and don’t resell any others. All designed based on the knowledge we’ve gained, to make operation simple & efficient onsite, which provides you with a great return on investment for your business.

For this reason our team can respond to customer feedback and/or create bespoke items from your requests.

Furthermore your success is our success, so advice, assistance and support is only a call or email away. We’re not just selling boxes.

When you help and advice we’re only a phone call or email away. We’re here to help you.

Featured Product

Oval Inflatable Photo Booth

A fantastic unique product we commissioned for the photo booth industry.

Consequently a slightly smaller inflatable photo booth on the market, but it’s still roomy enough to take small groups, whilst still offering the opportunity to use in those cosier, compact locations.

As with all our inflatables, we’ve selected one of the best fabricators in the industry to ensure consistent quality. Coupled with our own bespoke features that really add to its versatility.