It’s not gone unnoticed, the increased volume of Ipad based Photo Booths in the market. in this post we look at 6 Reasons to choose an Ipad Photo booth.

Being a big fan of the qaulity of DSLR booths, when we set out to make one, the first question was always why, second question, how to make it look different, well our BoothBits PRiSM is certainly that!


The 6 Reasons

1/ Weight: Perhaps the most significant difference, in comparison to standard DSLR based photo booths, kiosk or enclosure quite simply is the weight. Like for like competitively units fitted with Surface Pro, still require the additional weight of the DSLR and associated power jacks. Making them much lighter for you to move around.

2/ Simplicity: Typically there are a minimum of 6 wires with any DSLR system, usually many more, USB to screen, camera and PC, plus power to each, throw in flashes, strobes and other lighting and the spaghetti… well you get the idea.

At best Ipad has one lead, it’s power lead. So when it comes to putting it together, they’re is no comparison on how easy they are for you to set up ‘simples’!

3/ Style: There are some great DSLR booths out there, we think our Zero is up there as one of the best, offering an individual style with great quality, there are though many, many ‘boxes’.

From the myriad of ‘ringlights’ through to various handheld devices. There appears to be more style options typically with the Ipad, the PRiSM being one of these. This is no doubt due to the fabricators being able to focus on style rather than content.

4/ Slimline: They are the booth on a diet, the size 0 model!
With the lack of internals, any structure is typically based on the depth of the Ipad or at close to it. Allowing for a little styling and any additional electronics, they really do come in compact form, meaning should you have to move them from A to B, doing so is no major task and even the smallest vehicle will work.

5/ ‘Fun & Function’:All the digital toys, with the exception of printing (which can be done), the majority of the established Ipad Photo Booth Apps, already come with a raft of features, from animated GIF, slomo, boomerang, data capture, email, surveys, photo share, social media etc etc.

Again with fewer internal parts to connect, users can focus on the application itself, configuring as required. Meaning more options for you and your clients.

6/ Static Booth: Perfect static unit, due to the simplicity and their flexibility, the right design of Ipad booth is a great asset to set up as a static unit within a venue. Reduced staff training and small footprint takes away many of the headaches with traditional photo booths.

As a business owner looking to manage onsite photo booths or a venue, these are perhaps the obvious choice.


If it’s time to start you’re photo booth family or your looking to add an Ipad Photo Booth to your’re line up, get in touch, the PRiSM is everything you need, smart, stylish, fully brandable, light weight and flexible.