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Inflatable Quality

oval inflatable photo booth white front

Inflatable Quality: Don’t fall for price

We get to see a lot of different products, due to the similarity of many it can be hard to judge the difference.
One area we really see a difference is in the inflatable photo booths, and wow what a difference!
Ignoring the overall finish quality, the amount of calls/emails we get asking for parts… It’s easy to look and believe they’re the same.

 They’re all made in China right! Yes they are but at many different factories and the finish varies hugely. No idea what the working practices maybe either.

Particularly vulnerable are the fans and from manufacturer to manufacturer they vary so one that fits ours will not likely fit another. We’re hearing repeated faults on this from inflatables less than 6months old and hardly used.


Well they come from China so warranty not available right! Yes they are but no they are not, buying from a reputable supplier with a reputable product should also include a warranty period. Our are supplied with a minimum of 12 mths.

So the next time you’re watching on social media or auction sites, those discounted products often £1-200 cheaper ask why.

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Zero the new Mini Photo Booth

the ZERO our new mini photo booth system.

Zero mini photo booth

Soon to be launched mini photo booth system, the ZERO is a more compact kiosk system, designed as a light weight set up as an open kiosk or within one of our inflatables.

Available for laptop or small form factor PC base, using a 15″ touch screen, the front facia being swappable can be placed vertically or in portrait orientation.

We’re making this available to use on a speaker stand as an ultra compact system, with appropriate bracket, or with the full leg column system shown in the image above.

Further details and pricing will be released soon.

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Easy Booth Wiring for DIY enthusiasts

wiring system for photo booth
Whilst it’s fair to say our One Booth was not intentionally designed for the DIY fan, it has a few features which lends itself to these individuals.

The plan all along is to have the One Booth as universal as we can, in taking this forward we designed a connectivity system that can be taken from one box to the next. In so doing by default the solution works extremely well for those selecting the Shell Only option and looking to wire it up themselves.

Now we have listed each of the wiring looms needed to complete each section to purchase, individuals can also source their own.

We’ve released a video showing a sample of one of the wiring boxes, within which the looms attach, there are variations box to box but on the whole the principal is the same.

Please take a look at the video for more information:

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New Product: First glimpse of new photo booth kiosks.

For some time now we’ve been working on a new, simple photo booth kiosk system.

Designed to be practical and universal. With a range of features and add-ons available that will evolve over time.

Without giving to much away at this moment, we’ve embarked on a series of videos as these come together…

The first can now be seen on our Youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe to see more details as they are released.

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Site Update

New Site

We’ve just updated the website, though there are a few bugs to resolve on the whole it’s looking a lot better and easier to navigate, especially on the shopping cart which previously, due to the theme was very poor.

We’re trying to improve links internally when your viewing specific products to make it easier to browse.


Further plans for 2015 are to switch the sign props to bundles, this worked very well at Christmas and more popular than single signs so we’ll continue with this moving forward. Please feel free to drop us a line to suggest a range or theme you’d like to see a bundle of.

Custom Signs
Not listed on the site are custom signs, these are bespoke designs for you or you’re customers, they are brilliant for marketing or corporate client branding. If you’re interested in these please get in touch for a quote. Depending on numbers/sizes etc prices start from about £15 per sign in small quantities.

Photo Booth Skins & Panels

As well as the flexible skins for curved booths, we can also create printed (or plain) flat panels for photo booths. Again just get in touch for a quote.

All the best for 2015

BoothBits Team

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Dry Wipe Signs

photo-booth-ends-signLast week we took delivery of our latest product, dry wipe signs enabling operators to display the end time of the photo booth to guests.

Displaying the time the photo booth is due to finish, clearly lets your clients guests know how long they have to use the booth while it’s available, helping reducing any confusion on operating time and the expectations by many that your there all night and the disappointment when the turn up, after the booth is partly dismantled and ask for their go.

Available currently in 3 designs (2 now in stock) and in 2 seperate styles. A hard plastic version A4 size 3mm thick (1/8ths inch), and an A3 plastic poster as shown in photo below, that can be rolled up for transport and is especially good for attaching to the sides of curved booth designs, particularly prevalent in the UK. All our signs are direct printed and highly durable wipe clean even without the dry wipe laminate, they can be attached with clips, velcro or magnets or indeed placed within display frames.

These make up the first batch of generic utility signs for photo booth operators with others available soon, such as ‘Sorry the booth is now closed’.


Check them out in our shop here: Signs


photo booth is here until sign on side of a booth

On the side of a booth.

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