Buying a photo booth

anatol-josepho-first photo booth

Well things have moved on since Anatol Josepho first automated photo booth, with perhaps the biggest significant change being the digital photo revolution. So here’s a few things to consider when considering buying a photo booth.

Purchase or Lease

Pointing out that we’re not accountants or CPA’s and you should seek appropriate advice independently, here in the UK at least, there are some advantages to lease purchase over outright.

True is you buy it now, you own it, however with most decent lease options, at the end of the term you own it, better still though throughout the lease period it’s 100% tax deductible, as an ongoing business cost, in comparison to just equipment depreciation of ownership.

Enclosed or Studio Style

Strong links with the full enclosures, there’s certainly plenty of variety, and still a popular choice when buying a photo booth. Users still appreciate them too, preferring the curtain to hide behind. However, in the past few years open or studio style photo booths have significantly gained ground. Thanks in part here in the UK to Mirror Booths but also down to numerous styling options.

Sub heading Inflatable or Structure

When discussing which enclosure style to buy, options include inflatables and more formal structures.

Enclosures limit numbers, can be cumbersome to move or erect, studio style doesn’t give as much privacy.

Enclosures can be heavy to move around, with lots of parts in the kit, studio style lighter but may require more practice with settings to cover for different environments.

Styling & Finish

Perhaps the last question to answer is more in relation to the market you’re targeting.
There is a difference in corporate client versus wedding clients, similarly rural vs city, is worth thinking about, just the type and style of venues can help make the decision.
Modern, rustic, metal, wood, retro, converted vehicle and so on. True no one size fits all and also there are plenty of modern corporate clients who like a retro rustic booth as much is there is plenty of wedding clients who like a modern, zany looking option. However, if you think most of your clients are likely to be vintage ‘barn’ style, then perhaps a wooden machine might a safer investment.

Final thought

Booths are meant to be fun, they stop being fun for you as the operator in whichever guise, when for whatever reason they don’t function or perform easily. So which ever style or design of booth you favour, think about the product and supplier.

Ask this, how easy is it to use?

Then contact us when your buying a photo booth!