Selling for Corporate Photo Booth activations:

corporate photo boothOne of the essentials in any corporate booking has to be presentation. It’s great here in the UK, we have a solid supply of professional looking photo booth enclosures, both our design and our competition.  So visually very appealing, particularly with the custom graphics.

The difficulty is not many of these enclosures are built for long term installations and certainly not to be left unattended and all too often they take up more room than you’re client wishes to allocate.

Space Saver

So this is where you need our One Booth, the modular photo booth system. For not only does it have it’s own full enclosure, with printable wrap options, but it operates as a stunning stand alone slimline booth in it’s own right. (model shown without printer option)

Visually Appealing

Beyond just being another camera in a box, the whole design, conservatively simplicity, is attractive and stylish enough to represent any client. Coming with a variety of attraction features (sounds, LED’s, Video sequences) that can be utilised in static installs.

Simple addition of adhesive or magnetic panel graphics, can fully convert the One Booth into a superb bespoke marketing machine. You really need to promote this as part of any proposal to clients and we make it simple. We have templates available that you can use yourself, or drop us a line and we’ll make the mock up for you.


Finally, it’s no secret we promote and favour Darkroom Booth Software, quite simply we feel it’s the best. That favouring is based on experience and more importantly the feature rich content it offer to ensure you can MAXIMISE corporate photobooth bookings. Great data capture for your clients, engagement content and visuals. Many of the features built into the full One Booth system are designed to get the most from this software.

So don’t lose out on corporate photo booth bookings by not having the right tools. Invest in a One Booth and take your events to the next level.