Darkroom Booth Software

We recommend as photo booth software in the UK.

A full photo booth solution, offering photo and video imagery, in any photo booth from a compact Surface Pro model right through to a magic Mirror Booth. Incorporating, sound, video animations, digital props, doodles & signatures, filters & photoshop droplets and unique barcodes.

Outputs include jpg, gif, including boomerang gif & mp4, as well as video, directly and via the fantastic remote Booth Control function.

Industry leading Green Screen, offers high quality endlessly creative images.

Remote Booth Control, Darkroom Booths very own remote application allows you to fully control the booth from a handheld device or other, that has wifi access, by simply accessing a URL within the software. From starting the booth, temporarily locking the booth, offer reprints, social share and more, it’s a great built-in add-on that increases versatility.

Engagement with everything from simply personalising the images through to quizzes, surveys and contest mode, the marketing and customer engagement value is huge.

  • Hashtag Printing from a Kiosk with Custom Template
  • Post GIFs and Videos to Facebook
  • Print Signing
  • Type-a-Note on Prints
  • Multi Monitor Support
  • Send Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram Ready Files
  • Custom Booth Lock Screens
  • Built in Support for Bill Acceptors
  • Booth Photo Book PDF Output
  • Simple Boomerang GIF Setup

  • Post VR 180 and 360 Images to Facebook
  • Auto Prompt Text Entry
  • Include Survey/Quiz Entries in Print Templates
  • Add Custom Template to Facebook Posts
  • Auto Image Cropping
  • Auto Head Placement
  • Burst Mode/Boomerang with Chroma-key Support
  • Full Support for Panoramic Sizes on DNP DS620 and 820 Printers
  • Custom Keyboard/Prompt Placement

and more to come!


Easily customize your Photo Booth Screens and Prints with built-in VISUAL Editor. No coordinates, coding or XML to learn. You can even add your own custom sounds. Every event you do can be customized for your customer in minutes not hours.

darkroom photo booth software uk

Automatically detects your camera. Use any printer and almost any camera. Built-in drivers for many popular printers means faster printing with no fuss.

Settings are presented with easy to use dialog boxes. No editing of text files or dealing with complicated groups of folders. Settings are “sticky” per event. Changing the settings for your wedding theme won’t mess up your birthday theme.

Print and Share!

Easy to Use and Powerful!


Control your Photo Booth with touch screen, physical buttons, mouse controls or a combination. Offer your customers still photos, video (if your DSLR supports video) or both.


Use a Nikon SLR, Canon SLR, or a Webcam to take photos (or videos). Use any printer to print them. Booth also has some built-in printer drivers to make printing even faster.

Take 1-16 pictures per session. Shoot color, black & white, sepia, Retro or come up with your own. Use a green screen to replace the background. Print, email, post or do all three. Offer template choices on the fly.


Change your photo booth’s user screens and prints with the built-in visual template editor. No coordinates, XML, or coding knowledge necessary. Easily add your own custom sounds or background track.


Easily manage different types of events / settings in one place with the event catalog. Includes many themes and samples to get your photo booth running immediately.

darkroom booth event settings

Infinate Print Options

Use Darkroom Booth’s integrated Template Editor to create whatever you can imagine. A single Polaroid style 4×5 print to a giant Jumbo Strip with multiple images, logos, words and graphics. Easy!


darkroom booth social settings
Guests can email themselves with the easy to use on screen keyboard. A second email can be used to post images to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Darkroom Booth can save sessions in multiple locations at once so you can extend your booth real time with third party software and hardware.

Save & Archive

Save individual photos, with or without your template applied to any folder on your computer or network. Easily export individual images and finished prints to cd, thumb drive or similar for your customers.

Mirror Booth

Add animations, text, doodles and digital props to your photos.