Our Famous 10 Minute Photo Booth

The 10 Minute Photo Booth

This is our enclosed photo booth system.

Default option is our Oval photo booth shape, however we can also fabricate this in a more traditional box design.

Fully functional in it’s own right as a photo booth but now designed around our popular Zero Mini Booth for increased flexibility and minimal investment.

Many options from a basic shell through to complete system.

There is a package for all parts of the market. From those getting started through to existing operators looking for an upgrade, which is what most of our buyers are.

This is the booth that many established operators have upgraded too, due to it’s strength and simplicity. It’s why, we’re confident under normal managed use, the frame stands up to the rigors of events, so if a section of frame is damaged, within 2 yrs, we’ll repair or replace.

boothbits photo booth for sale Features Include

  • Extra Strong Frame with Welded Sections
  • Lightweight Powder Coated Aluminium
  • ‘Zero Mini Booth’ Main Section
  • LED Modelling Lamp
  • Aluminium Print Catch Tray
  • Carry Bags

boothbits photo booth for sale Options Available

  • Darkroom Booth Software
  • DSLR Camera
  • Webcam
  • Mini PC
  • ‘Zero Booth’ Lighting System
  • Unbranded Plain White Skin.
  • Branded Skins laminated for longevity
  • Printer DNP 620 or similar
  • Green Screen Interior Skin


All Our Complete Systems fitted with darkroom booth 3

boothbits photo booth for sale Simplicity

Putting the booth together is as simple as children’s building blocks!

No bags of a hundred bits, no flimsy corner mounts. This is a professionally welded frame, in lightweight powder coated aluminium. And it’s a leisurely 10 minute onsite build.


There is no other photo booth like this in the UK. Designed from the ground up its made with many unique features therefore adding strength and simplify onsite build. So whilst the shape may be familiar that’s where the similarity ends!

Mini Booth Integration!

Now full compatible with our Zero Mini Booth system. Which gives you more far more options for your clients, The Zero Mini Booth provides complete operational flexibility, from Selfie Photo Booth to fully enclosed.


We’ve designed the system to be as flexible as possible, such as you can operate it as a selfie pod, as a standing or seated (seat extra) enclosed photo booth, and even have the backdrop panel separate from the camera end to create an ‘open style’ photo booth.

Expertise at your fingertips.

As one of the original photo booth companies in the UK we’ve gained a lot of experience & understanding of the industry. We’ve used this knowledge to create a very simple, efficient photo booth design that minimises set up time, whilst offering superior strength to many of the current photo booths available in the UK, whilst also maintaining the ability to produce amazing quality photos. More importantly though, this means we can help you and you’re business.

boothbits photo booth for sale Ordering

NB: We construct the booths to order currently, customisation is available and therefore final price may reflect this. In all instances we therefore recommend a full written quote before placing order.

50% with order, balance on collection/delivery. Delivery maybe subject to surcharges depending on location.

Go on request a quote today, it costs nothing to ask!