oval inflatable photo booth white front

Inflatable Quality: Don’t fall for price.

We get to see a lot of different products, due to the similarity of many it can be hard to judge the difference.
One area we really see a difference is in the inflatable photo booths, and wow what a difference!
Ignoring the overall finish quality, the amount of calls/emails we get asking for parts… It’s easy to look and believe they’re the same.

 They’re all made in China right! Yes they are but at many different factories and the finish varies hugely. No idea what the working practices maybe either.

Particularly vulnerable are the fans and from manufacturer to manufacturer they vary so one that fits ours will not likely fit another. We’re hearing repeated faults on this from inflatables less than 6months old and hardly used.


Well they come from China so warranty not available right! Yes they are but no they are not, buying from a reputable supplier with a reputable product should also include a warranty period. Our are supplied with a minimum of 12 mths.

So the next time you’re watching on social media or auction sites, those discounted products often £1-200 cheaper ask why.