Our new accessories eCommerce system.

Quick update to the instant purchase option on our website, mostly associated with our accessory range.

With repeated difficulty finding an appropriate, secure system that is part of WordPress, the platform our website is built on, we’ve opted to use a 3rd party integrated package instead, Ecwid!

Whilst accessing this section here, it may appear to be part of our own website, however the link uses the Ecwid secure system, the integration is purely for aesthetic reasons.

This new system provides our customers with improved communication during the purchase process, from order to delivery. It also gives us improved notifications, when you place your order.

We still uses PayPal for the payment process, so your payment data is kept secure and non of this information is ever taken or held by us.
ecommerce purchases on boothbits

It also means, as with any new system the order process has been reset in terms of order numbering. You can be assured though, we’ve been selling the accessories for years and they’ve been shipped all over the world.

We’ll be adding a few more products to this system over the coming months and we hope it continues to benefit all. So far the feedback has been extremely positive, we hope you like it too.

The whole process has been improved to help our customers.