Photo Booth Lighting

There are many options for a photo booth lighting set up.

We’ve seen everything, from multiple studio lighting stands through to on camera flash. (Neither of which we recommend for a variety of reasons).

Adhering to our own philosophy, we like to keep things simple and flexible, so we won’t box you in. At least not unless you’d like us too, with our flash box attachment that is!

Ofcourse the Zero Mini Booth is already fitted out to take an internal hotshoe base flash as well as Constant LED’s, internally. This set up, whilst highly practical and lightweight, doesn’t always give the best final image lighting. You can elect to to have the hotshoe flash pointing upwards and make use of the bounce card fitting. Giving a better spread of light.
bounce card for zero mini booth

Indeed, by design also the option to attach a variety of lights externally is available.

There is however another way…

Light Box


It’s simple really, a box you literally pop on top of the Zero Mini Booth, within which you already have the flash you wish to use set up. This could be the recommended mains powered studio flash system, widely available around the globe under various brand names including Godox and Neewer. If battery is your preference then the latest Li-ion systems are fantastic, both the studio versions and the hotshoe style.

Either way, merely clipping this box onto the top of the Zero, attach the cables as required and your good to go. As with all our designs we’ve made access a snip too, the door hinges or lifts off giving full visibility to any of the settings your strobe needs.

Why not find out today how much simpler you’re life could be in event imaging with a Zero Mini Booth from BoothBits.
alternative flash box for zero mini booth