Print Catch Tray

printer catch tray Aluminium Print Catch Tray

Our unique photo print catch tray is designed to work with most professional Event Photography and Photo Booth Dye Sub Printers available on the market, by simply sitting underneath the printer. This ensures there is no stress on the printer, breaking other valuable parts, should the tray be pushed or pulled.

Available in small, medium & large.
Suitable for DNP 620, RX1, DS40, DS80 Citizen CY, CX, Mitsubishi 60DW,70DW, 90DW, 9550, Fuji 2500, ASK300 and many more.

Lightweight and robust to withstand the rigors of event portability.

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photo booth accessories print tray medium

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small photo print catch tray

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Print Catch Tray

small printer tray Small Print Tray

‘Best Seller’

A slightly more compact version than the standard medium, suitable for 6×4 prints, perfect for photo booths.

small print catch tray
print catch tray

medium print catch tray Medium Print Tray

Designed for prints up to 6×9″, being the default size for many event or booth Dye Sub printers. Also allows printer to sit deeper inside a photo booth.

RX1 print catch trayPlus RX1 Print Catch Tray

Print tray designed for RX1 and other taller style printers, standing 200mm tall.

large printer tray Large Print Tray

Capable of catching 12×8″ prints created by the larger desktop printers, designed to hang over the edge of a table in use, rather than sit on top of a table as with smaller & medium version.

large print catch tray
custom small print trays

custom print catch tray Custom Design Print Tray?

As the fabricators we can make the form into almost any shape/size required, if you have a specific need we’d be happy to see how we can help.

print catch tray
covered print catch tray

Custom Covered Version

printer catcher for DNP RX1 and similar

RX1 Version