One Booth: Shell Only Photo Booth


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What is the One Booth?

Quite simply the first photo booth designed not just to look the part but offer future proof design and versatility.

  • Expandable
  • DSLR or Web Camera
  • Small Form PC
  • 19″ or 22″ Touch Screen Options
  • Flash &/or LED Lighting
  • NFC Contactless/Card Payment Expansion
  • Printer Expansion or Matching Printer/Share Station
  • Full Enclosure – See 10 minute photo booth product.
  • Speakers
  • HDMI & USB External Connections
  • Carry Case
  • Many more…

Now available here as a shell only option for the real DIY fans.


Shell Only Photo Booth System Option

The complete ONE BOOTH DIY solution. Wiring kits available separately or fit your own.

Featuring Camera Rotate & Tilt

The One Booth shell, a stacked box selfie photo booth, designed to be truly modular, whereupon you can add parts now or in the future.

Finished by default in silver.

Get out the soldering iron this !&$£ just got serious!


It takes versatility to a whole new level. Combined with our constant regard for simplicity the One Booth system is all you need.

This kit includes

Base plate is solid aluminium plate, for strength and stability with height adjustable feet.

The lower box stands 600mm x 400mm tall, has fixings for speakers and connections for the internal sockets on the top & external connections at the rear.

This main box section, 650mm x 435mm of the system is designed to hold a 19″ Open Frame touch screen (though some slim standard frame models may fit), a camera webcam or DSLR and a small form factor PC and camera microphone. The main default camera fixing features our own designed tilt and rotate camera mount for maximum flexibility. (NB: Future upgrades of the box may include second camera fixings.) Other fixings as required to install equipment.

The light box, 220mm x 400mm tall, plastic facia. These are designed for either a hotshoe flash system or a specific mains powered studio flash.  They’re also designed for a specific 12v LED power block and lighting system. All of which are available to order separately.

Each box has it’s own wiring loom system and connection socket  box. (Wiring kit available)

All boxes have removable doors using a high strength spring hinge system. Plus key locks (requires fitting) for each door.


Other modules and additional items will be available to expand the system for many market opportunities.


Power is connected via  IEC ‘Kettle’ PSU ensuring it’s suitable for use out of the box internationally.


Outside there is lots of ‘real estate’ too, for corporate branding on the booth, the stack boxes or leg columns. You can order through ourselves or via a local sign shop.


We’ve designed this booth to be as adaptable as possible to suit a diverse range of your clients requirement. Just ask if you can’t see it. Operating as an open kiosk style or fully enclosed.  Always with an eye on end quality to ensure your clients get the best images they can. As booth operators since 2009, we’ve applied this experience to our fabrications.


As always like all our booth designs, no loose nuts, bolts, allen keys or other tools. Simple, quick install all the way.

Remember when you buy from BoothBits, your not just buying a box.

Product images show built systems, this listing is for empty shell only.





Additional information

Weight35 kg


Features (This is the empty shell version).

  • Lightweight (around 28kg full system)
  • Made from 3mm aluminium
  • Portable
  • Locking doors to each section
  • Fully removable door and hinge opening
  • Fast 5 minute set up – stack, bolt, plugin & turn on
  • No tools, No loose parts
  • Wiring connections between each box
  • Wiring loom system for each section
  • Rotating camera mount: landscape or portrait
  • High spec small form factor PC ready
  • 19″ or 22″ screen size
  • Flash (wireless trigger) &/or LED lighting
  • Speakers Fixings
  • 1 x HDMI & 3 x USB & Power external connections fixings
  • Phidget fixing for LED effect lighting etc
  • Carry case with wheels


One booth many options:

  • Height / Expansion Sections
  • Changeable Front Facia
  • Shell only or Variable Complete Systems
  • DSLR Camera or Web Camera
  • i5/i7 Computer
  • Boom Microphone
  • 19″ or 22″ Touch Screen
  • Hotshoe Flash, Studio Flash & LED Lighting
  • NFC Contactless/Card Payment Expansion
  • Printer Expansion or Matching Printer/Share Station
  • Printer
  • Full Enclosure – See 10 minute photo booth product.
  • Full Branding Available
  • Carry Case


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