New Site

We’ve just updated the website, though there are a few bugs to resolve on the whole it’s looking a lot better and easier to navigate, especially on the shopping cart which previously, due to the theme was very poor.

We’re trying to improve links internally when your viewing specific products to make it easier to browse.


Further plans for 2015 are to switch the sign props to bundles, this worked very well at Christmas and more popular than single signs so we’ll continue with this moving forward. Please feel free to drop us a line to suggest a range or theme you’d like to see a bundle of.

Custom Signs
Not listed on the site are custom signs, these are bespoke designs for you or you’re customers, they are brilliant for marketing or corporate client branding. If you’re interested in these please get in touch for a quote. Depending on numbers/sizes etc prices start from about £15 per sign in small quantities.

Photo Booth Skins & Panels

As well as the flexible skins for curved booths, we can also create printed (or plain) flat panels for photo booths. Again just get in touch for a quote.

All the best for 2015

BoothBits Team