One of the real benefits of using open style photo booth set ups has to be the ability to carry less gear.

Many tend to forget alongside the booth itself, there is the props and other accessories, needed to create the the fun. With so many wanting to only use a small car as the method of transport, it doesn’t take long to fill it up with boxes and bags, until every nook and corner is stuffed.

Part of this will most likely include a backdrop and backdrop stand. A very important element to consider and itself, based on designs offered can help in attracting bookings.

With so many fantastic venues around that host celebrations, more often than not there is also a fantastic feature wall, fireplace or other interesting feature somewhere.

Far to often booths are pointed facing into no mans land, into the dance floor or some other vast space, when they create better photos and give a ‘booth feel’ with a lovely wall or curtain backdrop.

So why not see if any venues you attend have such a feature, and leave the backdrop behind, to travel a little lighter, with your open photo booth.

Our Zero Mini Photo Booth System is just the perfect system to lighten your load.